Guest Post – Safeway Home Delivery Review

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Have you ever wondered about Safeway’s Home Delivery service? Jen from Thrifty NW Mom shares her experience. Be sure to check out her blog daily for frugal ideas and Pacific Northwest Deals.


I recently was contacted by Safeway and asked to review Safeway’s Home Grocery Delivery service. I personally have never tried a grocery delivery service, so I was excited to give it a try, especially as Safeway is one of my top stores I regularly shop at. I decided to give you the advantages & disadvantages I found while using Safeway’s Home Grocery Delivery.


  • Convenience – Obviously the #1 advantage is convenience. This is great option to have during those times when it’s difficult for you to get to the store – newborn baby, sickness/ medical situation, & more. It’s not always an option to have someone run to the store for you if you’re unable to go & this delivery option gives you the opportunity to still get the items you need without having to rely on others to help you.
    • Simple & easy to use format for the online ordering system – I liked the fact that they have everything separated into categories (or aisles similar to the ones in the store) to make searching easier or you can search for a specific item. They use clear pictures of the items & provide extra information if you need it (nutritional information & product details, ingredients, & more).


  • Offer various online savings options – They have a tab at the top of the online ordering service titled “Online Savings”. You can search for Club Card Discounts, special internet only promotions, etc.


    • Use E-coupons with Safeway delivery (electronic coupons which are saved to your Safeway store card) -You can use E-coupons from, & for further savings on your online order.


  • Quick ordering once you’ve ordered thru – once you’ve done your first order, you can repeat any of those same items if you’d like & then add new items to your list.



  • High-quality produce – I found the produce quality to be even higher than what I’ve found at my local store.



    • Higher Price -I did notice an increase in prices overall, even when using the Club Card Savings – the prices overall were higher. However, if you can find items with club card savings/online savings and combine these with the E-coupons, you could find some deals.


  • No manufacturer’s coupons can be used except E-Coupons – Everything is done online (ordering & payment) so there is no way to use any insert or printable manufacturer’s coupons for extra savings



  • Selection may more limited than in stores – the selection is more limited in certain categories than in the stores (I found this to be true in the areas of produce & meat); however, other categories had quite a good selection & even offered many organic options. My local Safeway is quite small & more limited in the products they offer, so I actually found much more of a variety of products in areas such as organic products, cereals, snacks, baking goods, & more.


As far as the delivery experience with Safeway’s Home Grocery Delivery, there were two options for delivery. You could choose a 4 hour window of time for a $6.95 delivery fee or pay $9.95 – $12.95 for a 2 hour window of time for groceries to be delivered. I was given a code for FREE delivery & $7 off my first order, so I choose the 2 hour window of time for groceries to be delivered since it was free delivery. However, it turned out that the groceries were delivered 45 minutes after the 2 hour window of time. It was last Friday evening when they were due to deliver the groceries, so the truck ended up getting caught in traffic. But, they did call 15 minutes before the end of the time frame to say they would be late. I would just stick with the 4 hour window of time next time & pay the lower delivery fee.

The driver was very friendly, though, & brought all the groceries into the kitchen. I ordered some produce to see how they did picking out the produce items & I was very impressed. I am quite picky about my apples & these were nice, crunchy red apples. The strawberries looked better than any that I regularly get from the store – I don’t think there was a bad strawberry out of the whole container (I don’t know about you, but there always seem to be at least 1-2 bad strawberries when I buy them at the store). They took a lot of care in choosing the best items to deliver, which was important to me.

Overall, I felt that Safeway’s Home Grocery Delivery was a valuable service, especially in situations where the convenience factor is quite important for a family due to medical/health reasons, newborn baby, sick kids, death in the family & other situations which make it difficult to get to the grocery store regularly. You will have to work a bit harder to find as significant of savings since you can’t use paper manufacturer coupons, but by using the E-coupons, club card discounts & other online savings promotions, there are definitely ways to save using Safeway delivery. I’ve been on Safeway’s email list for quite awhile & I also notice that they send out periodic emails with free delivery codes as well.

Update: Check out this awesome idea from reader Kehau:

On a side note, when we went to Disneyland a couple of years ago, I ordered through & had all of our groceries delivered to our hotel *we stayed at one that had a kitchen*. It was the best idea I had for that trip. It saved us the cost of renting a car, since we would have only used it to go grocery shopping. We made all our meals and had snacks available through out our week long vacation. The delivery showed up on time, actually right as we were checking in. = )

Buy it: While Safeway Home Delivery Service is not yet available in my area, I can’t wait until it is! If you’d like to try it you can enter coupon code DEALS4MOMS at checkout for Free Delivery and $7 off of your first order! Click here to shop.

Disclaimer/Disclosure: I received Safeway Gift Cards as part of this review. Not other compensation was given. Thanks to Jen from Thrifty NW Mom for sharing her experience. Thanks to Safeway for the gift cards.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. When you click on these links, you are helping to support my blog. Thank you.
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