An Evening of Fun at the Oregon Zoo #sunsetzoo

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I was recently invited to visit the Oregon Zoo in Portland to check out Sunset at the Zoo on July 11th. Sunset at the Zoo is held every other Wednesday evening in July and August and features fun events for kids and parents. Highlights include live bird shows, storytelling, crafts, live music and more. If you live in or around Portland, I highly recommend it. It’s actually a pretty relaxing time for the parents and the kids have a great time too.

While Sunset at the Zoo begins at 4pm, we didn’t make it over until about 6:30 due to our schedules, but we were still able to take in quite a bit of the sights and sounds and enjoy ourselves. It was a hot day, so it was kind of nice to get there in the evening as it was starting to cool off.  As we began our tour of the zoo, Boka Marimba was playing. They play High-Energy African Style Marimba music. It was a fun sound and we all really enjoyed listening to it as we passed through the aquarium on our way to our main destination, the Laura Veirs concert.

If you were to take a gander at the music on my husband’s Ipod, you will find a large quantity of Laura Veirs songs, so it was imperative that we got over to that area of the zoo before the show began. On the way to the concert stage, we walked past many food stands and there were even local beers on tap at the zoo. I admit I was a little concerned at first about the beer, but everyone was really mellow and nothing got wild. At all. The elephant ear stand grabbed our noses attention. We could smell the cinnamon, sugar and bread all around us, so we had to try them. So tasty and fitting for a zoo snack!

At 7pm, it was time for the music to start. This was a very kid friendly concert, unlike any other I have been to.

There was a little toddler “mosh pit” in the very front which my kids had a blast in. They twirled and jumped and danced around through almost the whole show. What a great way for them to get some of that excess energy out.

After the show, we got the chance to explore the zoo a bit further. Although the side of the zoo we were on had plenty of sleeping animals, they were still really fun to watch. We did get to see the lions awake though

and a really huge snake!

I was really glad that we attended the event. We had a great time as a family and will have many great memories from that day. If you would like to learn more about Sunset at the Zoo, click here.


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  1. We enjoyed the toddler “mosh pit” while we were there too :) Loved reading your post! You can read mine at

  2. sweetdeals4moms says:

    Yes it was. I would love to go there again.

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