Easy Homemade Tub & Shower Cleaner

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I like having a clean house, really I do, but sometimes, I don’t like putting in the hard work required to get certain things clean, like the tub and shower. Let’s just say the whole bathroom in general is not my favorite place to clean. If I can find a way to work smarter and not harder (like the microwave cleaning trick), that’s the route I’d prefer to take. So I found an interesting solution once again from Pinterest, on how to clean the tub and shower with ease by making your own Homemade Tub & Shower Cleaner.

I’m ashamed to show you this, but this is my tub before I used this cleaner. It’s BAD. The worst part about it is that I did actually try to clean it a few days before with actual tub cleaner, the stuff just wouldn’t come off!

Once I made this homemade concoction out of vinegar and Dawn, I sprayed it on and waited 10 or 15 minutes. I should have waited longer, but I was eagerly anticipating it’s magic. Once I started scrubbing, all of the gunk was just coming right off without a problem. There were still a couple spots that were still not coming off close to the faucet, but next time I will just let it sit for an hour or two before scrubbing. I’m so excited that it works!

Here’s what you will need to do this yourself:

Homemade Tub & Shower Cleaner

One empty spray bottle. I used a 24oz.
White Vinegar. I used 12oz.
Liquid Dawn Soap. I used 12oz.

I imagine you can use smaller portions as long as they are equal amounts.

Step 1 – Heat the vinegar in the microwave until it’s hot (approx 45 sec – 1 min) and pour into squirt bottle.

Step 2 – Add the Dawn soap and put the lid on. Gently shake the bottle to mix.

Step 3 – Spray away. Wait a few minutes and then scrub. You won’t believe your eyes.

I would seriously compare this to an industrial strength all purpose cleaner. Don’t be surprised if you find all sorts of things to clean after you make it. After I cleaned the tub, I decided to clean out the cooler we had used to go to the beach. It worked like a charm. Since I was already outside with the cooler, I noticed some dirty siding on our house that I had been having trouble getting clean. Guess what? The dirt came right off. No joke. I wish I had taken before and after pics of it. From there, it progressed into a full on cleaning frenzy. I was using a watered down version of it on a cloth and wiping down the fridge and dirty smudges on walls. It was better than a magic eraser I’m telling you. But enough of my rambling, go ahead and try it for yourself and tell me how it works for you.

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  1. WOW! Just got done cleaning my bathroom. Had so much fun, I started the other one. Works on mirrors also if you wipe down immediately. Also works on floors that have sticky hairspray on them. Just leave on longer before wiping off! Thank-You so much for this tip!!!!!! I will always use this now!

  2. Seriously? WOW! Pinning this to remember what needs to be done. My tub needs help!

  3. Wow! I am going to have to try this out in our yucky shower!!!

  4. I’ll be trying this for sure!

  5. Wow that stuff really worked well. Thanks for the tip.

  6. Could you use this for the toilet bowl and bath sink too? I used it on my tub/shower and it worked great! Thanks so much!

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