How to Regrow Green Onion

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How to regrow gree onions
Did you know that you can regrow green onion? It’s amazing. The next time you cut a green onion, be sure to save the bottom and put it in a cup of water. Place it in a sunny location, like a kitchen window or greenhouse and it will regrow itself. Make sure to change the water from time to time.

Regrow Green Onion

The one in the picture is the one I regrew, so I know for a fact that it works. I plan to save the ends from now on. It’s so much easier than growing it from seed and there is no dirt involved!

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  1. Wow, I never knew that! Thanks for sharing this with us. I will be trying this I love green onions ;0)

  2. very interesting–my kids love to grow things on the window sill–thanks

  3. I saw this on Pinterest and thought about trying it out!! How fun and I would have never knew you could do this!!

  4. Does this only work with green onions or other vegetables too?
    I’d love to show my son how food grows on our patio.

    • sweetdeals4moms says:

      Yes! There are other plants that you can regrow, but green onion is the only one I know of that doesn’t need to be transplanted to the dirt. You can also regrow garlic, potatoes, celery and I’m sure there are more but I’m not sure of any others off hand.

  5. The title alone sucked me into this post. That is awesome. With the amount of green onion I use, I should have a small garden of green onion in no time. Thanx for the tip.

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