21 Day Declutter Challenge: Day 13

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I am now on day 13 in the 21 day declutter challenge. To get your own printable checklist, go here. To view the challenges from previous days, go here. 


Oh, and just so you don’t think I was cheating, here is the after shot from the day 12 challenge. The desk is clean!

Today’s task was to declutter the linen closet. The funny thing about our linen closet is that I really didn’t have any linen in it, except for the towels and a couple of blankets.


I had all sorts of other types of things in there though, just not much in the way of linen. Where is the linen, you ask? Well, it was kind of in my bedroom in storage totes. They were stacked up in the corner, taking up too much room, so I decided this would be the day to empty to the totes and fill the closet. The Huggies box in the picture, is where I was throwing all the free samples and other goodies that I get in the mail that I don’t know what to do with. I decided to take care of that first.


I found a cute bin and some other storage bags and sorted through it. I put the flat samples, like shampoos, lotions, etc. and put them in one bag. Big samples like deodorants went in another and another bag for the bigger shampoo and body wash samples. Everything else was kind of arranged to fit around those. It looks nicer for sure and I can find things alot easier this way.


Next I went through the bins of sheets, putting them into sets. I had read somewhere (can’t remember where) that if you take your sheet sets and put them into a matching pillowcase, you will be able to get the set you need out faster. I really like this idea, although I had a hard time stacking it neatly. I think it’s because we have a few flannel type sets, which are bulky. I also added a few more random blankets. As you can see, the end result is very lineny… I suppose it probably looks more cluttered than it did before, but everything is in it’s place and not cluttering up my bedroom, which is nice.

Tomorrow’s task: The backyard. I don’t know… It’s supposed to be raining all day tomorrow, I might skip ahead and wait for a dry day to do this one.

Print this checklist to keep yourself motivated. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

declutter list

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