21 Day Declutter Challenge: Drawer Organization

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declutter challenge

I am now on day 15 in the 21 day Declutter Challenge. To get your own printable checklist, go here. To view the challenges from previous days, go here. Today’s challenge was to conquer clutter in the bedroom drawers by making my own Drawer Organization system. The system that most of us have for organizing bedroom drawers is flawed. Folding and stacking is good and it looks nice for awhile, but when you have to go digging through the piles to find what you want, you end up with a big mess in no time.

Drawer Organization

Take my little boys drawer, for instance. He dresses himself and he picks out his clothes. His drawers look something like this…

Drawer Organization

and this….  So I did some research and I think I have found a better way to organize the drawers.

Drawer Organization

I made a quick run to Target this morning to find something to sort the undies and socks. I found this bin at Target. It was in the $9 range. Its very sturdy though. Drawer Organization

Are you kidding me? The drawer is twice as big as it was before. The kid can find his undies and socks and I am a happy mama!

Drawer Organization

Next to check off of the list were the other drawers. This boy has so many shirts, I was having a hard time closing the drawer before. Instead of my normal folding job, I folded them in half, long way and kind of rolled them up flatly, if that makes sense. Then you can put them in the drawer in line, upright. Kind of like little shirt envelopes. Again, there is so much more room in there than I thought I had. He should be able to just grab the shirt he wants without rifling through the whole drawer, in theory.

Drawer Organization

The same went for his drawers of pants and pajamas. Roll it up flat. That is the idea here. I love the outcome. I am so happy with this system, I am going to change all of the drawers over as soon as I can.

Drawer Organization

I really want to find something like this for the dressers in my bedroom. I am going to wait until I can find a better deal though. Maybe even something like this would work, but I really like the look of the honeycomb.

Like I normally do, I got sidetracked after I finished his drawers and started on another project. I’m really excited to share it with you, but I will save it for another post. It involves a bunk bed and an oversized playhut…. Be on the lookout.

Print this checklist to keep yourself motivated. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

Declutter Challenge checklist

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  1. Looks so great. My kids tear their drawers apart and change a million times. I dream of drawers looking and staying like this.

    • sweetdeals4moms says:

      Thanks. Mine changes his clothes alot too. I am really hoping this will deter him from pulling all the clothes out.

  2. Great job! I did my own little organization challenge and while difficult it proved to be worth it!

  3. This is such a great idea! My dresser is a mess. Wish I heard about this challenge earlier!

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