21 Day Declutter Challenge: The Living Room (Day 16)

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I am now on day 16 in the 21 day Declutter Challenge. To get your own printable checklist, go here. To view the challenges from previous days, go here. Today’s challenge was to declutter the jewelry box, but since I don’t really have much jewelry, I skipped ahead to the living room.


Most of us use the living room to, well, to live in. This rule applies at our house. We all spend alot of time living in the living room. Adults, kids, the dog. We all live here. That is why it is looking so lived in.

I kind of wish I took some better pictures of the real problem area of the room. The left side by the TV cabinet off to the left was pretty bad. I was using a little shelf to hold the DVD’s and video games, but the kids would take them out and then pile them on top. It was getting to be a major pain, so I took all of the DVD’s and games out of the cases and put them in a big binder. The cases went away. GASP! This left me with a shelf that wasn’t being used, so I moved it to the bedroom to use as a bookshelf. It worked out really well, since my books were in a box on the floor. Win.


Since I took out the little shelf, it left an empty section and I was able to push the TV cabinet over to the left a bit to center it more. It looks good.


Lastly, I cleared out behind and around the TV cabinet. There were a ridiculous amount of dust bunnies to clear out. Then I arranged the cords behind the tv nicely and removed the “extra” ones I found. Oh yeah, and I found a Guitar Hero disc hiding in the dust bunnies. Once the room was finished, it was time to fire up the Xbox.


Tomorrow’s challenge: Attic/basement. I don’t have either of those, so I will skip ahead to the car. It REALLY needs it too.

Print this checklist to keep yourself motivated. Click on the picture to make it bigger.

declutter list

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  1. Great job! It looks so tidy!

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