National Geographic Kids Animal Jam Review

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Do your kids play online games? My boys really like to, and their favorite one right now is Animal Jam from National Geographic Kids. Animal Jam is an online virtual playground for kids who love animals and the outdoors. It is also packed with National Geographic videos, facts, games and more.

I know when I put the words kids and online games in the same sentence, all sorts of red lights go off for most of us. So you may be wondering, is it safe? In my experience, I would say yes. The goal of Animal Jam is to provide a fun, exciting and safe environment for kids to play online. In fact, there are in game moderators to help ensure safe play , which includes safe chat ( i.e.:they can block naughty words from being seen in the chat and give warnings, ban players, etc.) In addition, kids can themselves block and/or report any players who may be acting inappropriately. Animal Jam is free from outside advertising and adheres to a strict privacy policy.


Animal Jam is free for everyone to play, but there is also a paid membership option, which gives you access to more features. I’m not sure about the details of all of the extra features, but my boys really look forward to their weekly diamond gift and they love having access to all of the animals. Overall, having membership enhances their game experience.

Since I don’t have much experience in playing Animal Jam, I decided to enlist my 11 year old in helping me write this review since he is the expert. Here is what he had to say about Animal Jam membership:

“If you didn’t know, Animal Jam has a cool membership you can join. What if you had this membership? For starters, you might want to run off somewhere buying the thing you wanted the most that was for members only and look cool and stuff. Maybe you wouldn’t and you’d save your money and diamonds I suppose? The membership is to unlock the stuff you always wanted to upgrade your character or get diamonds weekly. I would suggest the first time you buy the membership on Animal Jam to buy one new item daily or just trade for what you want. The cool thing about membership is that it unlocks EVERYTHING!!! What you will enjoy in Animal Jam with your membership is making friends and looking cool maybe and also get cool gear!“

If you didn’t catch that, my 11 year old son thinks Animal Jam membership is COOL! My son is the original Mr. Cool, so if he thinks it’s cool, it must be cool. Playing Animal Jam is one of those things that will help keep my boys busy during the summer when we’re just kind of relaxing around the house. It really holds their attention and it’s also a way for them to keep in contact with their friends from school, since they all play it too, so I’m all for it.

Play it: Head over here to play Animal Jam.

Buy it: Membership starts at $5.95 per month. Click here to get started.

Disclosure: I received a free product as part of this review. All opinions stated are my own.

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