How To Properly Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

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Many children get nervous about attending kindergarten.  This is a whole new environment for most children, and it can be very intimidating.  In order to calm your child’s nerves and help them succeed, there are simple things you can do as a parent.  The following suggestions will help you prepare your child for his or her big day.

Practice Reading and Writing

To help your child transition into kindergarten, it might be a good idea to practice reading and writing.  This way, it will not be overwhelming for them when it is introduced during school.  You can teach your child how to write his or her name.  In addition, you can read books with your child.  I’ve found that personalized books are a really fun option to help your child develop an interest in reading.  They might even help your child learn how to read faster. Check out some cool personalized books and gifts for both kids and babies from one of my favorite brands Chronicle Books.

Provide a Structured Environment

School offers children a structured environment to learn.  If your child is not used to this, he or she might get overwhelmed.  For this reason, it might be beneficial to set a schedule prior to kindergarten.  Determine a routine that will work best for your family.  This will help them get used to order.  Then, the transition into school will be less of intense for your child.

Spend Time Away From Your Child

Many children suffer from separation anxiety when they go to kindergarten.  They are not used to spending time away from their parents.  If you spend a lot of time with your child, it is a good idea to spend some time apart from your child.  This will serve as preparation for school.  Your child will become more independent, and be less anxious on the first day of school.

Invest In the Back to School Supplies

Although kindergarten students usually do not need books to attend school, they might need a few supplies to feel comfortable in the classroom.  For example, if your child is attending all day kindergarten, it is probably a good idea to get him or her a lunch box.  You could also get your child a backpack, school clothes, crayons, and other recommended tools.  When your child has these supplies, he or she will feel more confident at school.

Visit the School

Before school starts, you might want to visit the school.  This will give your child the opportunity to get to know the area where he or she will be attending kindergarten.  During this time, you might even get an opportunity to meet the teacher.  The little effort behind this activity can really help calm your child’s nerves.

Talk to Your Child

Finally, it is a good idea to talk to your child about attending kindergarten.  Ask them how they feel about this new adventure in their life.  From this discussion, you should be able to gage their level of nerves.  If they seem more nervous, it might be a good idea to provide them with additional support during the first few weeks of school.  You can even volunteer in their class.

Each child is different.  Some children have an easy time going to kindergarten.  Others have a hard time making the transition.  Regardless, these tips should help you make the experience great for your child.

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