Building a Brand: One Detail at a Time

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While the concept of branding is all the rage in marketing circles today, far too few business owners and managers understand what is behind actually building a brand. In the shortest version of the definition, a brand is what customers think of when they see a company’s logo or hear its name.

While there is a lot that can be done to build a brand, the reality is that it is actually the sum total of many different details. Foremost among those is how each customer is treated each time the “touch” the company through any type of transaction. This will include purchasing actions, customer service interactions, and what other people say about the company. In other words, no matter how much money is spent on glitzy advertising and marketing, a company has to deliver on what it promises.

If the first focus of every business is to ensure it is following through on its message to customers, it has the luxury of enhancing its brand with other efforts and initiatives. For example, assume a company promises to deliver quality items at an affordable price. In such a case, it must make sure that if a product is brought back due to a defect, the response must be proactive to address the customer’s concerns. Otherwise, the marketing message is at odds with the customer’s experience.

One those basic issues are well in hand (and they require constant oversight and development by managers), there are cost-effective and powerful ways to address the details of a brand. When it comes to those details, no area of operations and marketing is too small to consider. Consider for a moment the humble shopping bag. The consumer walking around the shopping center with an attractive logo on a distinctive bag is effectively a walking billboard to other prospective customers.

Today, there are comparable ways to reach out to your customer and others they influence. For example, there are many varieties and styles of anthropologie tape that are very effective at the point of sale and in other applications. Modern materials and capabilities allow any business to affordably place an attractive and prominent message on such wrapping tape. If there is a need to use tape in any form, it simply makes sense to make it a tape that will serve a handy role in branding for the company.

These are the type of details that go a long way to building a memorable and valuable brand.


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