Juvederm Smile

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Medical improvements have provided us with different solutions that allow us to live better, more fulfilled life. This results in a longer life span, with less consequence for the organism. As we all know, aging is an irreversible process affecting every system and organ in our body. So, based on this, it is only logical that aging will also affect skin by creating various wrinkles and folds. As we get older, this tissue becomes dry, inelastic and very saggy. Luckily for us, there are certain cosmetic treatments that allow us to correct this problem.

At first, cosmetic surgeries were synonym for cosmetic treatments. This procedure has been available for quite a while and it was usually used for tissue repair. As the time went by, medical professionals have realized vast potential of this procedure using it for esthetic treatments as well as corrective ones. Unfortunately, cosmetic surgeries often result in various health problems and there is no guarantee that the patient will be satisfied with the results. Having in mind overall investment, people have realized that they need a new treatment to replace existing one. Thus, medical fillers were created.

Therapies using medical or dermal fillers are in fact supplemental therapies. They increase amount of nutritive substance within the skin allowing tissue to function properly. Modern drugs such as Juvederm Smile are based on substance known as hyaluronic acid. This is one of the core matters within the skin. It is an important component for hydration because it detains molecules of water within dermis. By doing so, skin remains plump and moist. Of course, the amount of hyaluronic acid within skin diminishes as the time goes by forcing us to use fillers as a way to replenish this naturally produced substance.

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Have in mind that this is only a supplemental therapy. It won’t affect inner processes happening within the skin nor will it interfere with any other organ. These drugs are commonly regarded as safe because the hyaluronic acid within them is produced from organic substances extracted from animals and bacteria. This makes them an ideal component for the tissue because these molecules are very similar to those produced by organism itself. Unlike some other drugs that are present on the market, Juvederm Smile doesn’t have any artificial, potentially dangerous substances which can interfere with bodily function or that can cause severe side effects.

Doctor Medica team emphasizes that medical filler treatment is one of the easiest cosmetic procedures to perform. It can be done in 20 minutes and it is pretty straightforward. Drug is usually used for areas around the lips and lips themselves, but some doctor also use fillers to treat nasolabial folds, neck, cleavage, corners of the mouths and forehead. Juvederm Smile can last up to a year within a body. After that period, organism will easily absorb it.

Because of its organic components, cosmetic fillers are quite harmless. Side effects are very rare and they usually come down to various skin irritations which occur due to punctures made by a needle.


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