Three Ways to Update Your Patio for Spring

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Your patio is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy the fresh air as you read a good book or watch your kids playing in the yard. With the right decorations, it can also be a great place for entertaining. Hosting an outdoor party is a good way to cut back on the time you spend cleaning and prepping your home for guests and lets your party guests enjoy the great outdoors. Check out a few easy and simple ways you can update your patio for spring and all the parties you host throughout the season.

Improve Your Flow

The layout and look of your patio dictates the way people will act and how they will move during your party. If you have all your furniture in one central location, you can expect all your guests to cluster around those pieces. Try rearranging the furniture to create a better flow that allows guests to move from the yard and grill to different seating areas. Using simple items like lighting fixtures and planters can keep your guests from stepping into your yard or trampling your plants.

Plant New Flowers

One of the best ways to bring in some new color is with some new flowers. Planting some colorful flowers like lilies or irises near your patio helps line the space and shows guests where the party is at. You can also bring in some flowers that have a rich and thick fragrance, which might appeal to your party guests and your family. Look for decorative planters and boxes that work with the design of your patio and with the style of your outdoor furniture to give your patio more of a complete look.

Change Your Furniture

Give your patio a brand new look with some new furniture. Something as simple as a new outdoor sofa provides the perfect place for you to rest and relax. If you have less funds in your decorating budget, look for ways to restore your old furniture and give each piece a new look. Covering a patio cushion with new fabric or replacing your cushions with thicker pieces of foam creates a new look and makes your furniture more comfortable. Online shops that specialize in marine products like The Foam Factory offer durable foam that will last for years. Change your furniture, get some new flowers and improve the flow to get your patio ready for spring.


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