MaxxHaul Aluminum Compact Cargo Carrier Review

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Spring is finally here! For my family, that means will be wanting to take some road trips very soon. We are a family of five. Well, better make that six if we include our large, 70+ lb. dog. He likes to take trips with us also, but our smallish SUV has a hard time accommodating all of us. Especially anytime that we need to bring any extra gear such as camping supplies or coolers. Our car seems to be overflowing in that case.

Thanks to MaxxHaul, our road trips will be much more comfortable. They sent the Aluminum Compact Cargo Carrier for review. This gives us the much needed extra space we were lacking. The cargo carrier features a lightweight, rust proof extruded aluminum basket which attaches to a receiver hitch on the back of our car. It fits 2”x2” receivers. It can hold up to 500 lbs. Not that we’d ever load that much extra weight onto it, but it’s nice to know it can hold a lot of weight.

I was pleasantly surprised at just how much this carrier could hold. To test it out, I put on two coolers and a small, very heavy barbecue. It held them all just fine. Obviously, I would tie these all down if we were actually going somewhere, but that wasn’t the case this time. The inside basket itself measures 48-1/4” x 21-1/4” x 2”, so you’re getting quite a bit of space.

Before the cargo carrier got here, I was kind of concerned about the spare tire situation on the back of our car. It extends out quite a bit, so I was worried it would be in the way. But, it wasn’t a problem at all. There’s plenty of extra space.

This carrier also features built-in reflectors to add visibility for increased safety. These are not wired lights, in case you were wondering.

MaxxHaul was also so kind as to send a locking hitch pin to prevent theft of the carrier as opposed to using the pin that came with it.  As you can see, one of these looks far more secure.

It’s very simple to use. Just turn the key and it will unlock or lock.

cargo hitch
It connects where the cargo carrier and the receiving hitch meet.  It fits well. Not too tight and not too loose. Just right.

Overall I am really happy with this product and cannot wait to pack it up and head out on a road trip very, very soon.

Buy it: If you are needing some extra space for your car, the MaxxHaul Aluminum Compact Cargo might be the solution you are looking for. You can get yours here.

Disclosure: I received free product as part of this review. All opinions stated are my own.

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