Upgrade Your Garage with Quality Accessories

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When it comes to garage organization, it’s really all about the accessories. You know how important shelves and cabinets can be, but it’s really the little things that will help you get the entire space in order. If you’re trying to get your space organized again, then you’ll want to add these tiny little items to your overall wish list.

Pulley System
Add a pulley system to your garage ceiling so that you can take advantage of the open space overhead. Pulleys are ideal for getting your bikes off the floor while ensuring that they’re still within reach. You can also use this overhead space for a bag with your skis or snowboard, kayak, and even flat shelves for bins.

Modern Day Pegboards
These adjustable storage units have been in use for decades, but new options are taking them to a higher level. Special organizers, hooks and even shelves allow you to store everything from hand tools to collections of nails and sporting equipment. Slatted wall panels that are commonly used in retail stores are also a great option for adding shelving to your garage.

Towel Dispenser
The garage can be a dirty place, and you can easily get some grease on your hands while working. Rather than searching for the shop towels, ensure that everything is easily within reach by mounting a dispenser on the wall where you need it the most.

Get it on Wheels
Stop walking back and forth to your toolbox by taking it with you. Special toolbox casters can handle the weight and ensure that this storage unit rolls along with you. Look for locking casters so that your toolbox will remain in the appropriate position once you have it out in the open. You’ll make it easier to get your tools, and cleaning up afterwards will be a snap.

The Best Lighting
Nobody wants to work in a dark hole, so make sure that your garage is nicely illuminated with the right lighting. You’ll make your space more enjoyable and functional, so give the lights some consideration before settling on a single fixture in the center of the ceiling.

You can make your garage more organized and ensure that the things you need are always within easy reach. With a few smart changes and some unexpected accessories, the entire process can be simple and fun.


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