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Did you know that studies over the years have shown a significant correlation between underage drinking and exposure to alcohol ads? The is also true when it comes to  children’s eating habits and their exposure to junk food ads. Ads are something we are going to be exposed to. There is no way around it, but what if you could control what kind of ads you and your kids are exposed to? Not sure what I mean? Let me give you an example. If your kid is into sports and watching the game on tv, he or she will likely be exposed to ads featuring beer, condoms, or erectile dysfunction, just to name a few. Not only is that inappropriate, but it’s all sorts of awkward. What if you could automatically stop those ads from coming through and have something more appropriate shown for free? Would you do it?

So how does one control said ads, you ask? Using a new and patented technology, Filtrie is premiering an, opt-in system that lets you set limits on TV ads, which is anticipated to be available by the end of this year. This will be a free service. To get started you would need to fill in some info so they can determine what is relevant to you and what is appropriate or not appropriate for you and your family. You won’t even need to sign in since they’ve designed this service to run in the background. Filtrie will work across all content sources such as cable, satellite, DVR, etc. You can switch between or have multiple services. It’s really up to you, how you choose to use it.

Filtrie will have two settings, global and selective. The global filtering will allow you to replace all unwanted ads, no matter who is watching. The selective filtering feature allows you to choose which ads are displayed based on who is watching. They can actually use your phone’s proximity to the TV to determine which ads to replace or show based on your profile.

Filtrie will use real-time data drawn from the consumers who sign up for Filtrie, which allows Filtrie and its customers to know who is watching TV, what they’re watching, and for exactly how long. Advertisers can spot target their ads to the precise viewer who is present. If you opt in, you will be able to replace unwanted ads (no matter who’s watching) or you can allow Filtrie to automatically show or replace TV ads based on who is in the room.

As one of its many benefits, the service will allow parents, for the first time, to protect their children by having offensive or certain TV ads replaced with more appropriate material. This means underage children would no longer be exposed to TV ads for adult products such as beer, wine, lingerie, condoms, etc. Sounds good, right? To learn more about Filtrie, click here.

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