Hi. I’m Heather from Salem, Oregon and I love to help you find great deals. If you have expensive taste, but have a small budget, you came to the right place.

I started Sweet Deals 4 Moms in 2009 when my family was struggling to make ends meet. I began to find some amazing freebies and deals by browsing the net and wanted to share these awesome finds with everyone. You can read more about me in this featured article on MommyPage.com.

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Since starting this site, I have helped people just like you get amazing freebies on such items as clothing, magazine subscriptions, food and drinks, beauty products and much more. I also love to share deals on practical items like household products and everyday items as well as post giveaways for you to enter. I am even known to share a DIY/crafting post now and again too. My favorite deals, besides freebies, will offer free shipping and a discount.

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