Horti Hood 90° Folding Greenhouse Review & Giveaway (Ends 8/14)

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Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for this review. All opinions stated are my own.

How many of you love the idea of having a greenhouse, but don’t want to commit to an entire permanent structure in your yard dedicated to this? I know that I am this way and that is why I love the idea of having a greenhouse that can be put away when growing season is over. I want to introduce you to my new friend, the Horti Hood 90° from Cave Innovations. The Horti Hood 90° is a wall mounted folding greenhouse. If you have a fairly tall, wooden fence in your yard, the Horti Hood 90° just might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

horti hood 1
I received one for this review and was very anxious to get it set up. Everything you need to assemble it is included, even the storage bags for the off season. The assembly is very similar to putting a tent together. The poles are fiberglass and you just kind of shimmy them through the same way you would a tent. I was able to put it together mostly on my own, but I did have my 12 year old come out to help me at times just for the sake of balancing it. Once it starts coming together, it’s awkward and heavy, so I recommend having a helper. I also needed my husband’s help to mount it to the fence for me, since I am not good with the power tools.

horti hood 2

Once it was up we all just kind of stood around and beheld it’s dome-ness. It’s very nice to look at.  You can see that the greenhouse features two mesh covered ventilation panels, allow the plants to breathe while at the same time keeping out any critters.

horti hood 5
When you’re ready to tend to and water your plants, you simply lift it from the bottom to gain access. Please note that the shelf is not included with the Horti Hood 90°.

horti hood 3
I found that it was more spacious than I expected it to be. As you can see, I could easily fit in another planting shelf later on if I wanted to and there is also plenty of floor room for more potted plants. The greenhouse lifts up to allow you to get in and there are also different hooks you can use to hold it up as high as you want.

horti hood 4
It even can be folded all the way up against the wall when not in use. This is a feature that I find very cool and convenient. The integral awning is there to prevent rain build up in the pleats when folded open, which is really needed here in Oregon where it rains for a good portion of the year.

So what do you think of the Horti Hood? I am in love with mine and I’m sure it will get a ton of use for the rest of the summer and into the fall to extend out my growing season. Then in the Spring I’ll get it going again with some seedlings. It’s going to be great.

Buy it: Stop by GardenProducts4U, and check out the Horti Hood 90° as well as their other Horti Hood products. They are sure to have a solution to fit your space.

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Sands Alive! Glow: Starter Set Review

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Disclosure: I received free product as part of this review. All opinions stated are my own.

If you are looking for a fun activity for the kids to do indoors aside from looking at a screen, check out the Sands Alive! Glow Starter Set. We received a kit so my kids could try it out for this review and they loved it!

The kit is very straight forward. You get 1 pound of GLOW Sand, UV LED Glasses, UV Pen Light and a Play Tray, which I was really grateful for. It says on the box that it’s geared for ages 3 and up, but I can tell you that all three of my kids were interested in it and my oldest is 12. I literally had to give them turns which I timed in 30 minute intervals.

sands alive1
Here you can see my daughter playing with the sand with her cool UV LED Glasses and UV Pen Light. You can see how you can pretty much write on the sand with the light adding to the coolness factor by about 80%.

So you all are probably thinking I am crazy for letting my kids play with sand in the house, but I have to say it’s not exactly sand. It’s more of a fluffy, soft dough which can be formed into different shapes and stuff. Yes, it can get messy, but so do most creative toys. You just clean it up and move on.

Buy it: Interested in keeping your kids entertained for hours of creative play? Give Sands Alive! Glow a try. Click here to find out where to buy it near you.


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Beat the Heat this Summer with H20Go Slides

H20 Go Water Slide
Disclosure: I received free product as part of this review. All opinions stated are my own.

I hope all of your summer breaks are going well so far. The kids and I have been keeping busy and have been trying to spend as much time outdoors as possible, but it’s been SO dang hot that it kind of forces us back indoors. I’m talking in the 90’s everyday hot! One of the ways we have found to deal with the heat and still get the kids outside is with H20Go Water Slides.

From the Triple Slide, to double or single, there is an H20Go Slide to meet your needs. These are super fun and easy to set up. The speed ramp provides a soft landing and glides the kids onto the slide for a smooth ride! The ramp does require a bit of air. It would be challenging to fill it yourself. We used an air compressor and were done in one minute or less.

We were sent a couple of the water slides to try. The double was the largest we received, so that is the one I will be showing you. The included hose attachment makes it easy to just snap the hose in instead of twisting.

Once the water is turned on, it takes a few minutes to fill up the splash lagoon and get a good water spray going.

My kids always want some sort of soap to make it a bit more slippery. (Disclaimer: If you think your kids might get soap in their eyes, please don’t try that!) My kids are toughies so it doesn’t bother them.

With my kids ages ranging from pre teen to elementary aged, it’s getting challenging to find them activities they can all agree are fun. The H20Go double slide was a win all the way around. The kids had fun racing on it as well as taking turns.

Buy it: You can find H20Go Slides online or at your favorite retailers. Click here to shop.



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Kids Learn Java with Minecraft with YouthDigital Mod Design 1 Review

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Disclosure: I received free product as part of this review. All opinions stated are my own.

Do your kids LOVE playing Minecraft? I know all three of mine do. My 12 year old especially has been very interested in not only playing the game, but he was also trying to figure out how to build his own mods. Rather than letting him get swept up in the world of unknown downloads which would more than likely harm his computer, I decided it would be much better for him to try the YouthDigital Mod Design 1 class, which includes everything he needs and is guided in learning to code in Java.

You might be wondering, what is a mod exactly? Well, a mod is a modification, to put it in basic terms. They are changes and additions to the Java code that modifies Minecraft’s original game content, allowing someone to alter the gameplay, create new items or experiences, or change how they interact with the Minecraft world.

With the class, you get everything you need to learn to mod for one full year, except for the actual game of course. You will need to already have Minecraft installed on your pc or mac. The class includes interactive lessons which are broken down into modules that are taught by an actual teacher via video. We found that the included software was pretty easy to download and includes everything you need to learn. The guided course takes your child step by step through each process and includes one year of online support in case they get stuck. When my son sent a question to support, he was answered pretty quickly. Usually within an hour or two.

My son found the class to be very engaging and has been using it off and on through the summer. He has told me that it’s really fun and challenging and he’s always is excited to complete his mod. The teacher is very entertaining and explains to the kids what they need to do in a way that is not boring at all. In a nutshell, for the class you watch videos, respond to questions, earn badges, complete quizzes and assignments. It’s a lot like what you would expect from an actual classroom, but your child can go at their own pace.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.42.03 PM
In the image above, you can see some of what my son has been working on in the main work area. Just click on the image to make it bigger.

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 7.41.06 PM
Here is an example of an item he actually made himself using the class. It’s a pick axe as you can see.

I really like that my son is taking and enjoying this class. I like that he is learning to code in Java and not just sitting around playing video games. He is actually making things for the game and he feels very accomplished when he makes a new mod. It makes a great summer activity for our down times when we’re not enjoying the outdoors.

If the YouthDigital Mod Design 1 sounds like something your child might be interested in, you should give it a try. There is a 30 day, no risk, money back guarantee. They not only offer classes on Minecraft coding, but have other options as well such as, Fashion Design, 3D Animation, Game design and so much more. Go here to check out all of their classes.


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FitTea Review: Start Your 14 Day Detox #FitTea

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post with FitTea and Markerly. All opinions stated are my own.

I love tea. There has always been something special about it to me ever since I was a kid. I remember my grandma making sun tea in a pitcher outside and I remember her having her hot tea every night to unwind. As an adult, I now love making sun tea in the summer and sipping on a hot cup of tea, either to wake up or relax, depending on the time of day. Who knew that tea would be so useful as to help a person detox or lose weight? Well it can!  If you are looking for a natural and delicious way to detox and loose a few pounds doing it, look no further than FitTea. FitTea is the all natural detox tea that suppresses appetite. In fact, their motto is “Give us a few weeks and we’ll give you a new waistline”.

It’s being widely used by celebrities as well as regular folks such as myself.

fit tea 1
I was sent a 14 day detox pack recently, so that I could write this FitTea review. Being a tea drinker, I was really looking forward to giving it a taste test. While I could personally stand to lose a few pounds, I was really more interested in the detox aspect of the tea because I had been getting some serious headaches, overall sluggishness and brain fog which I can assume had been coming from some of my poor food choices. For me, all of those things are a sign that my body could use a good cleanse and also because I just love tea and trying new brands. Now that I’ve given you some background, I wanted to answer some questions you may have and give more details about FitTea.

What is FitTea?

Fit Tea is a detoxifying loose leaf tea, that contains a powerful blend of Organic Green Tea, Oolong Wu Yi, Organic Rooibos, Ginger, Pomegranate, Guarana, Birch, Stevia, corn and Honey Powder. The all natural ingredients in Fit tea may help boost your immune system (to help keep you from getting colds and flu’s throughout the year), promote fat burning by increasing your metabolism, promote and soothe digestion to make you feel lighter and healthier and has antimocrobial properties to help you feel healthy physically an mentally as well as help detox the body.

Who can use FitTea?

The FitTea is meant for adults but can be taken by children ages 13 and up with parental permission and guidance throughout.

fit tea 2
What does FitTea taste like?

Hmmm. I am not sure that I could describe the flavor. It’s a very delicious, hot tea. It’s like a wild combination of many flavors, none of which I could put my finger on, but they blend very well together. It’s a bit on the tangy side, but not like an orange is tangy. If you like your tea sweeter, you can add honey, but I haven’t because I like the flavor as it is.

Will I lose weight with FitTea?

While FitTea helps to suppress the appetite, weight loss results may vary from person to person.

fit tea 3
How should I use FitTea?

For best results, FitTea should be taken in the morning. It does contain caffeine (the same amount as one cup of coffee), so you should definitely not take it at night if you are sensitive to it. For the detox, you should have 1 cup a day for best results. It is also recommended to stay hydrated with plenty of water, exercise regularly 3-5 times per week, eat healthy, balanced meals, and repeat.

How do you prepare FitTea?

Place 1 teaspoon (2 grams) in a strainer/infuser to a cup of near boiling water for 3-5 minutes. Remove strainer and enjoy. (Cold or Hot).

How long can I use FitTea?

You can take FitTea for as long as you like as long as you want to lose weight or maintain weight.

What were my personal Fit Tea results?

I have been using Fit Tea for just a few days, so I really can’t say that any major change has happened for me as of yet in the weight loss area. I did notice that my headaches are gone, and the brain fog has been lifting which is really what I was going for. So for my purposes, I’d say it’s working. If I lose some weight in the next week or so, it’s a great bonus.

Where can I buy FitTea?

FitTea can be purchased online at the FitTea site. They have several products and options available for purchase.

You can follow FitTea on these social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube to keep up with their latest news and promotions.

Have you tried FitTea yet and if so, what were your FitTea Results?

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Introducing the Del Taco #Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito & $20 Giveaway #EpicAvocado #UnFreshingBelievable (Ends 6/25)

Disclosure: I received free product as part of this review. All opinions stated are my own.

One of my family’s favorite places to eat these days, when we choose to dine out, is Del Taco. Not only are they budget friendly, but their food is always fresh and delicious whenever we go there. I was so excited to learn that they are now offering avocado (one of my favorite things) which can be added to any menu item for 30 cents per slice or get three slices for 90 cents AND they have added a new item to their menu called the Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito! It’s loaded with six fresh slices of Hass avocado, freshly grilled chicken, handmade pico de gallo, fresca lime rice, seasoned black beans and salsa casera wrapped in a warm flour tortilla. It’s priced at $5.29.

I was able to visit recently and try out the new burrito and it sure was good. And let me tell you that you get ALOT of burrito for $5.29. It was huge! Definitely a full meal for most people. It’s the perfect food for these hot summer days we’ve been having. The pico de gallo added a little bit of spiciness to it, but it wasn’t overwhelmingly hot. It was nothing that a $1 strawberry lemonade couldn’t take care of.

Buy it: You can get the Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito at a participating Del Taco near you. Through 6/17, you can get a free small drink with purchase of Epic burrito.

Win it: One of you will win a $20 Del Taco gift card so that you can try the Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito or add avocado to any menu item for yourself. Please enter through the Rafflecopter below. It may take 30 seconds or more to load.

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Level Foods decadent low carb/low sugar treats review & giveaway (Ends 6/18)

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.36.55 PM
Disclosure: I received free products as part of this review. All opinions stated are my own.

If you are diabetic or are just into weight loss or low carb foods and you have a sweet tooth, I want to share with you about Level Foods. Level Foods products are low glycemic, gluten free, low carb with added protein and fiber to help you feel full and aid digestion, all while helping you lose weight. And, they taste good.

level foods
I was sent this awesome sample pack of snacks and shakes to try out for this review. While I am not diabetic, I still wanted to try these because I tend to get low blood sugar at times. In the box were packs of shakes, bars, sweet snacks and glucose gels.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.12.24 PM
The protein shakes come in four flavors: Rich caramel, Classic vanilla, Strawberry creme and Milk chocolate. There are four shakes in a pack. I really like these. They all had the expected amount of sweetness and the flavor was right.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.16.15 PM
The protein bars available are Caramel chocolatey peanut, Chocolatey crisp bar, Double chocolatey chip bar and Chocolatey peanut crunch bar. My favorite thing about these is that the recurring theme is chocolate. Usually when I am craving a snack when I am out, I really want something chocolatey, which could lead to a stop at a vending machine for a candy bar, so this is really much more convenient for me and not a sacrifice.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.16.37 PMThe glucose gels also come in four flavors: Mandarin orange, Green apple, Vanilla and Strawberry banana. These are great for when you need to raise low blood sugar fast. You know, when you get hungry and are super grumpy because you need to eat? Yeah, that’s what these are for. They are conveniently sized, so they would easily fit in a purse or coat pocket.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 2.15.55 PM
The sweet snacks available are Peanut butter cups and Peanut turtle bars. These were my favorite, especially the peanut butter cups! My kids did see me with them so I had to share. They also gave a thumbs up on them.

My family and I sometimes like to go out for long nature walks in the park. These products are actually perfect for bringing along on trips like these. When the kids start getting cranky and hungry when you’re out on a trail, it’s so nice to be able to give these to them. They taste good, so the kids don’t complain and they are just filling enough. Not so much that it spoils their dinner, but it’s just enough to tide them over. They are also great for us parents too.

Buy it: Level Foods are available to purchase at your local retailers or online. If you order online, you will save 25% off your order of $20 or more with code TRYLEVEL25. Click here to shop.

Win it: One of you will win the same Level Foods products as I did! (RV $60) Please enter through the Rafflecopter below. It may take 30 seconds or more to load.

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Milford Valley Chicken Strips & Nuggets: They’re Not Just for Kids

milford valley
Since Milford Valley Chicken products recently came to the NW, I have buying my share. They are really delicious and crispy. You can read my full review on them here. And please note, that Milford Valley also has entrees available as well as the nuggets, strips and patties.  In fact, there will be a coupon for the entrees soon on their site. You can look for a new $1 off coupon good on any 10 oz or 30 oz Milford Valley entrée on the website on Monday (April 27, 2015).

nugget meal
If you are the parent of a child, you likely buy a lot of chicken nuggets. At our house, I usually have what my kids are having, which means that I get to partake of chicken strips and nuggets o’plenty. Most often, our plates of nuggets look like what you see above with some added dipping sauce. While this may satisfy my kids, I can sometimes get nuggeted-out, so I try to get creative in the ways I use them. Some alternatives to eating just plain strips or nuggets that I like are to cut them up and put them in a salad, or quesadilla. Making a wrap sandwich out of them is also great too. What are your favorite alternatives to eating just plain chicken nuggets or strips? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Disclosure: I received free product as part of this post. All opinions stated are my own.

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